After a spectacular birth at the infamous Earlwood Farm Christmas Climate Change Variety Hour, Emma McManus and Maria White’s new collaboration ‘TOO RUDE’ (a name inspired by the Daily Telegraph’s propaganda errrr… response to the Variety Hour) will create a new performance about the uncomfortable role that artists play in gentrification. Pop up galleries ‘renewing’ neighbourhoods, local councils encouraging urban ‘rejuvenation’ through culture, and artists no longer being able to afford to live in the inner city. What a tricky predicament we find ourselves in!

Drawing on disillusionment with the state of arts funding in Australia, the persistent dismantling of public services, problematic narratives of art history, and adding our own feminist chutzpah, TOO RUDE will unravel the terrible formula: art + city = gentrification.















Supported by Vitalstatistix, Crack Theatre Festival and Festival Fatale

4.30pm, 30 October 2016

Eternity Playhouse



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