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31/05/12- 9/06/12

There are infinite ways we can look at and understand our interactions with the world. Everyday we are confronted with decisions of what is right and what is wrong, of whether to come or go. We organise the world into opposing ideas to simplify our experiences. As newly appointed curators of Tiny Stadiums, Groundwork are interested in re-examining this idea of opposites by drawing out what inevitably falls between. The opposition of Centre / Margins informs the 2012 Tiny Stadiums program, and uses Erskineville as a model for the geographic and conceptual exploration of this dichotomy.

Groundwork present the audiences of Tiny Stadiums with a decision. As you, with this map in hand, navigate your own path through the festival, you traverse idea and place simultaneously. We invite you to inhabit the hub, toe the peripheries and explore the spaces between. In 2012, the festival refocuses its view on Erskineville. This small, inner-west suburb is re-imagined for the context of a site-specific art festival.

The creative thinkers involved in the Live Art Weekend explore the historical, cultural and geographical idiosyncrasies of Erskineville in order to magnify its place in the world. Alexandra Clapham and Penelope Benton offer us the experience of being in the centre – their Tiny Diner operates as the nurturing hub of the Festival. On the other hand, Mitchel Cumming’s installations embrace the symbol of the flag to direct us to geographical peripheries. Fitts & Holderness collapse the binary by conveying an urgent message from an outsider on the main street; to remind us that what is centred is not necessarily stable.

The central themes of the festival extend from the streets of Erskineville during the Live Art Weekend to the seating banks of PACT centre for emerging artists for the Tiny Stadiums Performance Season. Bron Batten has collaborated with an unlikely duo, her parents, in order to stage a work that raises questions about art on the fringe, the avant-garde, and the central relationships within our lives. Alice Williams has staged impossible stories imagined by four real people from across Australia. Through verb
tim performance and video, their stories from the fringe take centre stage.

Tiny Stadiums presents ordinary transactions and unexpected interactions designed to shift pedestrian experiences of Erskineville. We are proud to present to you the 2012 Tiny Stadiums artists, as they explore big ideas in little Erskineville.

Photography by Matthew Duchesne, from David Capra’s NEW INTERCESSIONS


Tiny Stadiums 2012

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