Amelia Cecile Wallin (24 Apr)
Cc: me, Lisa

Hello. We don’t know each other yet. [How do we introduce ourselves?]

This is our attempt to trace the [artificial] common threads between a collection of people, exhibiting together at a certain point and place in time [Wassaic, NY, June 12-September 18]. We come to this from a distance [Sydney, Australia], but we hope that our correspondence will help us to move a little closer.

We devised this project – a collaboration that begins with a google form and ends with a printed publication – to produce a polyvocal text to accompany the Wassaic Project Summer Exhibition Festival.

As artists exhibiting in the festival, we’re interested in what you think about in relation to your life and art practices, your daily rituals, your politics, your history.

Taking inspiration from email chains, online surveys, e-newsletters, reading packs, lending libraries, pen pals, link lists, physical lists, google docs, and co-authored texts, we’ve designed a short survey to learn more about each other.

You’re welcome to answer only what is interesting or important to you. Everything you say will be the right answer. [Don’t overthink it, follow your instincts.]

Find the link HERE.


Lisa Mumford, Maria White and Amelia Wallin.

[We met playing three sisters in King Lear. We usually make performances. This is our first project where we will be physically absent but we’re still performing as we are, after all, performing ourselves all of the time.]


several selves

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