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Invitations looks at artefacts, inheritance and identity. Invitations explores the idea that people are not only a product of each decision that they have made but also the decisions of their ancestors. Recently scientists have proposed that human DNA is more malleable than we previously realised, and the experiences of our grandparents may have left a mark on our genes. What traces have we inherited and what traces are we currently leaving for future generations? Using materials from my longstanding family home I have created an uncanny domestic space punctuated by real and imagined invitations.

Invitations is subtly participatory and contains objects that resemble ‘costume’ and ‘set’ but are neither. Invitations naively takes the world at face value in order to explore our contemporary relationships, which are often shaped by the internet and fast-paced communication. Using materials from a sentimental site, familial nostalgia is intertwined with spam and other meaningless cultural off-cuts, with the intention of dissolving historical attachments.

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